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Feeding and Rearing

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The Importance of Feeding in Kobe Beef.

In the beautiful city of Kobe, where this beef has been revered and perfected for decades, you can embark on a journey filled with learning and wonder. Let me share with you all the details about the importance of raising Kobe cattle in this gastronomic corner of Japan.

The rearing of Kobe cattle is an art in itself, passed down from generation to generation in Kobe. These cattle, of the kuroge wagyu breed, are raised with unparalleled dedication and care. From the moment of their birth to their sacrifice, every stage of the process is carried out with precision and meticulous attention.

One of the fundamental keys in raising Kobe cattle is their feeding. In specialized breeding grounds, you can observe how food is carefully selected to ensure the distinctive quality and flavor of Kobe beef. These cattle are fed a balanced and specific diet based on high-quality grains such as wheat, rice, and barley. Additionally, they are provided with pure water, and any stressful factors that may affect their optimal development are avoided. But the diet of Kobe cattle is not limited to grains alone. They are also supplied with other specific foods to enhance the quality of their meat. Among these is rice straw, which provides fiber and additional nutrients.

The way the feed is provided is also crucial. These cattle are fed in small portions several times a day, allowing for proper digestion and optimal assimilation of nutrients.

However, feeding is not the only determining factor in raising Kobe cattle. Their well-being and quality of life are equally important aspects. In Kobe, cattle are raised in a controlled and stress-free environment. Breeders ensure that the cattle have ample space to move and rest, contributing to their overall well-being and the development of exceptionally high-quality meat. Additionally, they are given muscle massages to improve blood circulation and ensure tender, juicy meat.



The rearing of Kobe cattle is carried out in a controlled and stress-free environment. These cattle are not raised in extensive grazing areas but in specialized farms where every aspect of their environment is monitored. This allows breeders to guarantee the quality and uniformity of the meat.

The time dedicated to raising Kobe cattle is also significant. It takes approximately 30 months for cattle to reach optimal maturity before they are slaughtered. During this period, their growth and development are constantly monitored to ensure they meet the demanding standards to receive the Kobe beef designation.

One distinctive aspect of raising Kobe cattle is the use of sake, a traditional Japanese spirit. Some breeders use sake to literally "bathe" the cattle, believing that this enhances the quality and flavor of the meat. This unique approach demonstrates the level of attention and care devoted to every detail in raising these elite cattle.

The result of this meticulous rearing process is Kobe beef, prized for its distinctive marbling, exquisite flavor, and tender texture.



The grading of Kobe beef is a rigorous and precise process. It is evaluated in three categories: yield, meat quality, and marbling. Yield refers to the amount of usable meat obtained from each carcass, while meat quality is assessed based on its taste, texture, and juiciness. However, marbling is the most distinctive and desirable aspect of Kobe beef. Marbling refers to the intricate network of fat interspersed in the meat, which gives it its characteristic tenderness and flavor. The higher the marbling, the more valued the beef.


The Result.

Every bite is an exceptional sensory experience. The smooth, juicy texture, combined with a rich and delicate flavor, will surprise and leave you speechless. In Kobe, you can appreciate the result of all the efforts and care devoted to raising these cattle and understand why Kobe beef is considered one of the best in the world.

Kobe beef is a true culinary treasure, and its rearing in Kobe is a testament to the dedication and artistry surrounding this practice. Each Kobe carcass represents years of tradition, passion, and accumulated expertise. From the selection of cattle to their feeding and care, every step is essential to ensuring the quality and excellence of Kobe beef.

If you ever have the opportunity to visit Kobe, I highly recommend that you explore this fascinating world and taste Kobe beef in its place of origin. It will be an unforgettable culinary experience that will allow you to understand the passion and care that lies behind every bite of this unique gastronomic delight.

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