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Experience the essence of Kobe at Ixkati Casa Kobe. Immerse yourself in the finest flavors and hospitality of Kobe, Japan. Explore our offerings and indulge in the authentic taste of Kobe.

Ixkati Casa Kobe - La Casa del Kobe

Welcome to Ixkati Casa Kobe.
Your Destination for Kobe Beef.

Indulge in one of the most revered and sought-after meats worldwide, known as Kobe beef — a true delicacy for those who appreciate beef cuts not found everywhere and yet to be experienced by many.

Originating from Japan, from the birth of the cattle to the moment it's ready to grace your plate, Kobe beef undergoes a detailed and precise process that endows it with its unparalleled value, reflected in its premium price.

Given its immense allure and global success, we immerse ourselves fully into this gastronomic realm to uncover what Kobe beef truly is and why it commands such a high price.

All Kobe beef is Wagyu, but not all Wagyu is Kobe. This is because there are 13 types of this cattle, and for it to be considered Kobe, it must adhere to strict standards.

Moreover, Kobe is a protected designation of origin, meaning only cattle born, raised, and slaughtered in the Hyogo region by certified farmers can bear the name Kobe, making it a rarity.


Let's dive in...

Two classic fresh rib eye steaks on a wooden Board
Portrait of a wagyu cow of Japanese origin

Kobe Beef:
A Brief Introduction.

Kobe Beef originates from a Japanese cow, but obtaining it is a lengthy process that begins from its origin to its breeding and care.

Cattle raised for the purpose of providing Kobe beef can only belong to the livestock raised in Kobe, a city located in the Osaka Bay, in central Japan, and the capital of Hyogo Prefecture, from which it takes its name.

Secondly, these cows must have a specific lineage that has been recorded since the Meiji period.

But what does this moment in Japan's history mean, when Kobe beef begins to gain momentum? The Meiji period was a time of significant political and social changes in Japan. The country opened its doors to the world and dismantled governmental systems that had existed for hundreds of years, starting in 1868.

Until then, no one imagined the delight that the world was about to discover.

The city of Kobe opened up to international trade as a port, attracting many foreigners who settled there. Soon, Kobe became a cosmopolitan locality, a meeting point of cultures, and a crossroads between traditions.

At that time, consuming meat in Japan was not as common as it is now. However, that part of history was about to change when an English tourist first tasted Kobe beef and discovered its unique characteristics, which only the finest meat in the world can possess.

Since then, the reputation of Kobe beef has crossed oceans to become the most coveted meat on the planet.

What an exquisite discovery!

The Home of Kobe Beef.
Kobe Beef, Japanese Cuisine, High-quality meat.


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